The Journey is almost complete!

It is August and I am pleased to say that I am almost at the end of this amazing Journey with my mother on her trip around the world.  I have visited places that I know I want to go to in person one day and have cried and laughed at her many different stops along the way across the world.  She was so brave and fearless, not the woman I grew up with.  I have learned that people change along the way in life and that one should remain open to the possibilities in life.  She was not the woman I knew and I wished she was still alive so I could tell her that she was an amazing person and how much I truly love her.    Try and remember to see people for who they are and not for all their short comings.  ALL of us have war scars and have traveled this earth in different ways, making non of us better or worse people, just different.  In that way we should celebrate our differences and move forward with love and forgiveness in our hearts.  Looking forward to the edits and hopefully the book will be done by the New Year!


Writing is hard work!

What a Winter and Spring!

I am glad to say that I have been working on my book and love my new sense for pain… in the ass!  I was told it was going to be painful but I thought emotionally not physically!  Wow do I have a profound sense for people who sit all day long!  God help them!  As far as the book is concerned I have a new editor and she is amazing!  I hope to have this done by summer and look forward to sharing it with you.  My journey isn’t different than many of you and I’m sure you have learned the lessons I have, I just needed it to be said.  I hope my girls and everyone included in my book will only grow from it and not take anything personal.  Growth comes from pain and the ability to stair it in the face… then as buddha once said, throw your head back and laugh out loud.