Why do you need to know about Essential Oil chemistry?


You don’t!

 But…with the knowledge of how and why essential oils work you can use them more effectively and be better prepared to teach others how to use them.  Also beneficial in discussions of essential oil therapeutic value with those from a technical or medical background.  

 The benefits of understanding basic chemistry can be invaluable in the journey of essential oil usage. 




For those that thought they could never understand chemistry, this flash card deck introduces the main eight essential oil chemical groups and their chemical properties (therapeutic effects) in the simplest way possible and then applies that information to essential oil usage.  





The Aromastry card deck includes two partner sets of cards: See Above

Eight Chemical Group Cards & 

Forty Essential Oil Cards 


Additional information: 

Understanding essential oil  compounds

Chemical property definitions Essential oils in chemical group 

Essential oil latin names 

Plant parts used in distillation

Plant photos 

Body systems affected by essential oils 

Fun ways to use the deck and Essential oil resources


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