Writing and the Flow of Life

While both of these aspects of my life [yoga, oils] were emerging, like streams coming together, I discovered an old diary belonging to my late mother.

On one level it told me about exotic places and events she encountered on a cruise to far-off ports. And on another it started me reflecting on her life… and my own. I saw how her life flowed into mine: how her emotional states influenced my own, how the ways we are unlike bring out new emotions, insights, and a state of clarity in me.

I began to write reflections on her journey… and mine.

It is fun and rewarding to imagine my mother’s life… and my own… and to reflect on the twists, turns and changes we all experience as life’s current carries us toward our destiny… whatever that may be for any one of us.

Like me and my life, the book that will flow out of this creative endeavor is, at this time, a work in progress…