What is Yin Yoga?

IMG_9163Yoga is a path of Self-Transformation and it eventually leads us home. In Tibetan Buddhism a path can also be thought of as the winding ascension up a steep mountain. At first the climb seems to feel steep and unforgiving and we start to look for reasons to give upĀ and abandon our commitment to the practice. We ask ourselves if we have what it takes to keep going? But as we round the bend we see that we are almost there to the top. Its still in the distance but we can see that the road will take us there so we keep going through the obstacles and hang on. This is Commitment!

Yin Yoga is a practice that engages our intellect, provokes questions, makes up take up the practice of commitment causing us to rest in our authentic nature. It is the study of the meridians which are invisible pathways of energy, or Chi, that create a comprehensive network interconnecting and encapsulating the tissues and organs in the human body. They flow through all the tissues, organs and bones, moistening the joints and connecting the interior of the body with the exterior.

This balance affects the integrity within and between the body and mind, not only to increase your physical agility but to stabilize and replenish your energetic vitality and mental clarity. Each Organ has many energetic components that effect us physically, emotionally and mentally.

Through the putting the body into shapes or poses we tug and pull on the connective tissues and muscles that stimulate and and pressurize certain meridians which will coax chi and blood to flood to these organs making them stronger and better lubricated, decreasing inflammation and stimulating circulation thus increasing overall health and well-being. As the body ages we produce less synovial fluid to the joints making them sore and arthritic. This practice is a great way to heal these joints and increase flexibility, agility and strength. Committing to a daily balanced yoga practice is a vital way of enlivening these Chi disorders, the precursors of all illness, that occur regularly in all of us.